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    Low Melting Point Alloys

    Lens 136 Alloy

    Tool Alloy, one of the well known group of low-melting point bismuth based alloys, is solid below 100°C and liquid at about 230°C. Unlike eutectic alloys, Tool Alloy exhibits plasticity in the temperature range between 100°C and 230°C . It expands on solidification and in this respect is unique as an anchoring medium.

    H.G. Tool Alloy is manufactured from virgin metals and is guaranteed to give complete satisfaction under normal working conditions.

    • Melting range: 100°C - 230°C
    • Weight lb/in3 : (approx) 0.34
    • Brinell hardness: 19
    • Maximum sustained safe load (approx) 300lbs/in2
    • Growth after casting (approx) 0.0006” per inch
    • Anchoring punches in piercing and blanking tools.
    • Locking bushings in drill jags.
    • Sealing or fixing optically aligned jig pick-up joints.
    • Holding irregularly shaped articles in split jaw chucks.
    • Locating shafts in permanent magnet rotors.
    • Anchoring bushes in abrasive wheels.
    • Holding down bolts: Anchoring in wood or concrete floors.
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