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    Non-Ferrous Metals


    Symbol Sn
    Atomic Weight
    Melting Point
    Specific Gravity
    (@20°C) 7.30

    Tin Ingot
    As part of the Amalgamated Metal Corporation, we have access to tin produced by our own smelter and therefore enjoy strong links and tradition in the tin supply industry.

    Various grades of 25kg ingot are stocked, ranging from 99.75% to 99.95% minimum purity. Depending on application and the customer’s specification, we are able to supply tin conforming to BS EN 610 : 1996 grade 99.85, 99.9, 99.93 and grade 99.95. Using our own shears on site we are able to quickly crop 25 kg ingots down to the customer’s needs, allowing easier handling and alloying additions. Cropped material is always palletised or packed in clean steel drums.

    We also stock tin of 99.99% minimum purity in the form of 1kg bars where low levels of residual elements are important. As with ingot, this material can be cropped if required.

    We also produce tin as 28 gram and 56 gram pellets, 112 gram strips, granules and a range of tin anodes. The pellets are designed for use as a pearlite stabiliser in the production of cast iron.

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