A. Tin oxide for ceramic pigments and glazes
Tin oxide is a versatile material for ceramics. Its thermal stability and chemically inert nature enables the production of a wide palette of durable ceramic colours.

In ceramic applications the physical characteristics and chemical purity of the tin oxide are of major importance. We have developed a comprehensive range of high quality tin oxides to meet the demanding requirements of the ceramic industry.

 The Thermox Range of tin oxide materials
A range of tin oxide materials offering grades which span a wide range of particle size and specific surface area, suitable for many applications including high quality ceramic pigments, automotive friction and brake materials and tin oxide electrodes for glass melting.

 B. StanoStat electrically conductive materials

The CP Range – Antimony tin oxide
The StanoStat CP Range offers white or light-coloured electrically conductive materials, which are an alternative to metal powders or carbon black to give antistatic properties to plastics, paints and coatings. They provide the opportunity to produce light or coloured antistatic coatings or plastic parts.

The CPM Range – Antimony tin oxide
The StanoStat CPM range of products exhibit nano-particulate primary particle size and can be used for transparent electrically conductive coatings on a variety of substrates including glass and plastic. Additionally, these materials are ideally suited for the production of sputtering targets.

Keeling & Walker supplies these materials in powder form or as nano-particulate dispersions in a variety of solvents. These dispersions are ready for use in transparent electrically conductive coatings and can be formulated into inks for inkjet printing and other printing techniques.

The FTO Range – fluorine tin oxide
The StanoStat FTO range comprises sub-micron or nano-particulate fluorine-doped tin oxide grades, which are white in colour and provide good electrical conductivity.

The CS Range of tin oxide electrical contact materials
A carefully controlled range of tin oxide grades for use in silver / tin oxide electrical contact materials, produced to exacting standards to provide the optimum particle size for the utmost performance and durability in this demanding application.

C. Hydrated tin oxide
Metastannic Acid
Metastannic acid is a hydrated tin oxide, which exhibits an extremely high specific surface area and nano-particulate primary particle size. This material finds application as a specialised grade for the production of ceramic pigments and for catalysis.

Alphastannic Acid
Alphastannic acid is another hydrated tin oxide, with a more granular structure than the metastannic acid grade. It has been developed for use in catalysis but also finds use as an ion-exchange medium in the separation of radionuclides.

D. Nano-particulate materials
Tin Oxide Nano-Particulate Powders
Keeling and Walker can supply tin oxide with ultra-fine particle size in the nanometre range. Nano-particulate materials provide enhanced functionality, which makes them particularly suitable for an increasing number of novel applications, including specialised ceramic pigments and catalysis.

Tin Oxide Nano-Particulate Dispersions
A number of aqueous based colloidal dispersions have been developed which contain nanometre size hydrated tin oxide or antimony doped tin oxide particles. These products have been developed for use in applications where ultra-fine tin oxide is required, for example to prepare transparent conductive coatings, for use in catalysis and as a source of highly reactive tin oxide with high surface area.

High surface area tin oxide
Tin oxide doped with small additions of certain elements provides a range of tin oxide based materials with high specific surface area and small particle size. These products exhibit excellent temperature stability and find application in catalysis or gas sensor technology.

High purity (99.999%) tin oxide
Our high purity tin oxide grade is carefully produced from 99.999% purity tin metal in order to provide a tin oxide with 99.999% purity. This material is used for sputtering targets and any application, which requires an ultra-high purity tin oxide. We also produce high purity meta and alpha stannic acids.

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