Powders and Applications

Powders for Powder Metallurgy

  • Stainless steels & tool steels
  • Non-ferrous metals e.g. copper, cobalt, nickel, tin, bronzes
  • Electrolytic copper & iron powders
  • Copper-based infiltrant powders
  • Magnetic powders; iron; nickel-iron; silicon-iron
  • Lubricant, friction-lowering, and release powders.
Powders for Tungsten Heavy Alloy & Cemented Carbide Manufacture
  • Tungsten, nickel, copper, iron, and molybdenum powders for heavy alloy; and tungsten, tungsten carbide, cobalt, nickel, and high purity low sulphur carbon powders for hardmetal production.
Nickel powders and nickel special products
  • Carbonyl iron and nickel powders for PM, magnetic, and chemical applications.
  • Powders for electro-magnetic shielding (EMS) applications
  • Energy storage applications e.g. battery production.
  • Coated-powders, fibres, and foam.
Thermal Spray Surfacing Powders, Wires, Consumable Spares
  • Thermal spray powders: for flame, plasma, HVOF, PTA, Laser.
  • Thermal spray surfacing, build-up & repair: powders & specialized wires
  • Consumable spare parts for thermal spray equipment & powder feeders
Metal Joining & Repair e.g. brazing, soldering, & laser-cladding

Hardfacing and Hard Matrices
  • Fused tungsten carbide and sintered crushed hardmetal powders for hardfacing and hard matrices ( e.g. diamond tools).

Specialized Metal powders and sintered/wrought metal products

e.g. sputtering targets, wire, sheet, foil products

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