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    Low Melting Point Alloys

    On site at Thaisarco Trading we operate a foundry that produces Tin and Low Melting Point Bismuth based Alloys in 1 or 13 kilo ingots. In addition to these we produce a range of semi-manufactured products from Tin, Bismuth and Zinc.

    Tin Based Alloys
    Our chief products are Bearing Alloys, Solders and Pewter, of which we produce a full range.

    We produce all of the Tin based materials. Included within this specification are some Lead based Alloys, which can also be supplied although they are not produced on site in Birmingham. Any alterations or modifications to these alloys that may be required can be accommodated providing that they are within reason.

    Pewter is generic term applied to the alloy of Tin with Lead, Antimony or other metals. We produce only Lead-free pewter as standard, our main products being English Pewter (92% Sn, 6% Sb, 2% Cu) and Scandinavian Pewters (93% Sn,
    7% Sb OR 88% Sn, 12% Sb). There is a vast array of alterations on the theme of Pewter and we will be happy to produce any of these upon request.

    Tin based Solder (including Tin/Silver) is also available and we are happy to quote on any grade that may be required.

    In addition to standard materials we are always looking to new products and alloys, so therefore offer a bespoke alloy production service. Whether it is an alteration of an existing alloy or an entirely new one, provided it is Tin Based and within reason, we will be willing to supply advice and a quotation, tailored to individual customer needs.

    Another service that we offer is the recovery of out-of-specification Tin Alloys subject to a suitable analysis provided beforehand. If we believe the material to be redeemable a quote can be made, detailing relevant melting and material costs.

    Bismuth Based Alloys
    The Low Melting Point Alloys that are produced within the Foundry range in melting point from 47°C to 230°C. The very low temperatures that these alloys melt at offer many advantages by the fact that they may melt in hot water and are very easy to cast. There is no appropriate standard to quote for this particular material but the usages vary from lens manufacture to pipe bending. The alloys we produce are:

    As with Tin Alloys, we also offer an individual alloy service should there be a specific requirement, although a minimum quantity may be required.
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