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    Low Melting Point Alloys

    Lens 136 Alloy

    H.G. Lens Alloy is one of an interesting range of bismuth-based alloys to which the element indium is added to give a substantially lower melting point. Lens Alloy is eutectic, i.e. it has a sharp melting point, in this case on 58°C. At this low temperature it has proved ideal for use as a holding medium or ‘button’ in lens grinding and is rapidly replacing pitch previously used. It is easily melted and having extremely stable characteristics, can be re-used repeatedly.

    Lens Alloy is manufactured from virgin materials and will give complete satisfaction under normal working conditions.

    • Melting point: (Eutectic) 58°C
    • Weight lb/in3 : (approx) 0.30
    • Brinell hardness: (approx) 14
    • Growth after casting (approx) 0.0002” per inch
    • Holding glasses lenses during grinding operations.
    • Proof casting where low temperatures are necessary.
    • Fusible mandrels.
    • Fuses for safety devices.
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