• Ferro Aluminium
  • Ferro Boron
  • Ferro Chromium
  • Ferro Manganese
  • Ferro Molybdenum
  • Molybdic Oxide
  • Ferro Niobium
  • Ferro Phosphorus
  • Ferro Selenium
  • Ferro Silicon
  • Ferro Silicon Manganese
  • Ferro Silicon Magnesium
  • Ferro Silicon Zirconium
  • Ferrous Sulphide
  • Ferro Titanium
  • Ferro Vanadium
  • Ferro Tungsten
  • Iron
  • Calcium Silicon Manganese
  • Calcium Silicon

    Ferro Alloys


    Melting Range 1536ºC

    Available in 3 basic forms:

    a) Electrolytic flake typically 99.91% Fe for many metallurgical and non-metallurgical applications where purity is critical.

    b) Low carbon, low sulphur melting base in billet form, normally 75 mm square and custom cut to length. C 0.015% max., S 0.020%. For charge additions in stainless steels and magnet alloys. 

    c) Low carbon iron cuttings with controlled residuals, for economic charge and trim additions on less critical stainless steels and magnet alloys.

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