High Purity Metals

The products available through Thaisarco Trading include: Germanium, Arsenic, Indium, Gallium, Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Lead, Tellurium, Mercury, Bismuth, Selenium and their compounds. The products include several groups:

  • High purity metals and compounds for crystal growth and electronic device production
  • Dopants for optical waveguides (e.g. Germanium Tetrachloride)
  • Crystals and infrared-optical materials
  • High purity compounds for various purpose

The most important product applications are in electronics, optics, metallurgy, thin-film coatings and special chemicals. Many of these areas involve a high degree of innovation which constantly imposes new and more strict requirements on our products. The applied quality management system for all product lines is currently certified under DIN ISO 9001, first certificate issued in 1993

Germanium Polycrystalline 50 Ohm cm Ingot, Lump
Mono & Polycrystalline Optical grade Cylinder, Lens, Disc

Ge Dioxide

Technical grade
Electronic grade
Fluorescence grade
BGO grade
Catalyst grade
Amorphous grade

Ge Tetrachloride

Optical fibre grade Liquid
Arsenic Metal 5N to 7N Lump, Powder
Antimony Metal 4N to 6N Shot
Bismuth Metal 6N Ingot, Lump, Rod
Cadmium Metal 5N to 7N Ingot
Copper Metal 5N+ Ingot
Gallium-Indium-Tin Alloy 4N+ Ingot
Indium Metal 2N5 to 7N Ingot, Tear drop, Wire, Foil
Indium-Tin Alloy 4N to 6N Sheet, Foil
Lead Metal 4N to 7N Ingot, Wire
Tellurium Metal 4N to 7N Ingot
Titanium Ti Tetrachloride Optical fibre grade Liquid
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