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    Ferro Alloys

    Ferro Molybdenum / Molybdic oxide

    Melting Range (FeMo) 1665-1715ºC
    (FeMo) 9.4

    Ferro Molybdenum
    More commonly referred to in the trade as “ferro moly” it is an extremely versatile alloy used mainly in HSLA (high strength low alloy) and stainless steels, however, its numerous properties mean that is equally at home in cast irons, certain high speed tool steels, nickel based and superalloy applications.

    The properties which ferro molybdenum imparts vary depending on the grade of steel or iron being produced. Additions of ferro moly can lead to improvements in weldability, corrosion and wear resistance while also serving to increase ferrite strength. Ferro moly is produced by thermit reduction of technical oxide in the presence of iron.

    We are able to offer a range of sizes suitable for a wide range of addition practices.

    The typical specification of 5 x 30mm ferro molybdenum offered by The Kennecott Molybdenum Company is as follows:

    Mo 67%min, Cu 0.50%max, Si 1.5%max, P 0.05%max, S 0.10%max, C 0.10%max, Pb 0.01%max.

    Molybdic Oxide
    Known throughout the trade as Moly Oxide it is primarily available for arc and AOD furnace additions. It comes packed in a variety of ways most commonly in cans containing 10kgs of Oxide which in turn are stacked onto pallets (600kg of Oxide per pallet) these are then shrink wrapped to ensure safe handling and transportation to the customers works. Other options include drums containing 400kgs of Oxide and bottom pouring big bags containing 1000kg of Oxide both on pallets for ease of handling.

    If required moly oxide can be made available in the form of carbon free briquettes.

    A typical specification would be: Mo 57%min, Cu 0.50%max, Pb 0.05%max,
    P 0.05%max, S 0.10%max, C 0.10%max.

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