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    Ferro Alloys

    Ferro Manganese

    Melting Range 1060-1225ºC (Low Carbon)
    1140-1200ºC (High Carbon)
    7.3 (Low Carbon)
    7.2 (High Carbon)

    Available as a high carbon grade and complemented by a range of low and medium carbon alloys together with a special nitrided ferro manganese providing the steel maker with the ability to add nitrogen in controlled amounts. Specification for the high carbon grade is typically Mn 75-80%, C 6-8%, Si 1.0% max, P 0.2% max (Lower Phos’ levels of 0.1% max are available). For the medium and low carbon grades the manganese ranges between 78-98%, with carbon options of 1.5% max, 1.0% max and 0.1% max with variety of sizes and packing to suit customer requirements.

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