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    Non-Ferrous Metals


    Symbol Cu
    Atomic Weight
    Melting Point
    Specific Gravity
    (@20°C) 8.92

    We supply high grade copper cathode (99.99%Cu min) to BS EN 1978:1998 Cu CATH 1 as full plate or cut in various sizes down to 1” squares. We can also offer copper granules for the precious metals and cast iron industries, copper rod and a range of copper based alloys are also available.

    Copper Cathode: To BS EN 1978 : 1998 Cu CATH 1:
    Cu> 99.99%, Ag< 0.0025%, Bi< 0.0002%, Pb< 0.0005%.
    (As+Cd+Cr+Mn+P+Sb) 0.0015% max.
    (Bi+Se+Te) 0.0003% max.
    (Co+Fe+Ni+Si+Sn+Zn) 0.002% max.

    Full plate or cut to customer specification to a minimum size of 1 inch square. Suitable for low / high integrity applications and electroplating. Material can be packed to popular bag sizes for easy handling and alloying / anode basket additions.

    Copper Mini Slugs: Very high purity, conforming to BS EN 1978 CR001A and oxygen free for electroplating or demanding applications. Supplied as 20 x 12mm or
    8 x 12mm cylindrical slugs.

    Copper Rod: From 8mm diam upwards with a range of purities and physical properties to meet the end application

    Copper Alloys
    We stock a wide range of hardeners and other master alloys including Phosphor Copper. Material is available in the form of waffle plate or ingot.

    We also supply the complete range of non ferrous specification ingot including brasses, bronzes, gunmetals etc. to British Standard or produced to customer’s specification.

    Secondary Copper
    Granules: Fine to Heavy gauge granules ranging from 99% to 99.9% minimum purity. This material can be packaged to the customer’s requirements from bulk bags down to 10kg bags.

    Other: High purity copper punchings, cuttings, busbar etc.
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