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    Non-Ferrous Metals


    Symbol Ca
    Atomic Weight
    Melting Point
    Specific Gravity
    (@20°C) 1.57

    Calcium in its pure form is hazardous and is only used as an additive under controlled conditions, nevertheless it finds application in the aluminium, copper and lead industries.

    Calcium can be used in certain high temperature alloys for its strong deoxidation and desulphurisation properties. The principle forms available are ingots, crowns, granules and needles.

    Typical analysis is Ca 97%, Al 1.8%, Mg 0.8%. Higher grades are available on request.

    More stable forms of calcium are available for the iron and steel maker including calcium silicon, calcium silico manganese, calcium nickel (Incocal Alloy 10) – see separate entries.

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