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    Low Melting Point Alloys

    Bend Alloy

    This alloy, one of the group of low melting point (fusible) alloys, based on bismuth metal, is the most widely used in industry. One of its chief characteristics is expansion on solidification from the molten state, making it ideal for the support of thin-walled metal tubing during bending operations. Other uses are detailed below. It has a sharp melting point of 70°C and can therefore be melted by hot water.

    H.G. Bend Alloy is manufactured from virgin metals and is guaranteed to give complete satisfaction under normal working conditions.

    • Melting point: (Eutectic) 70°C
    • Weight lb/in3 : (approx) 0.34
    • Brinell hardness: (approx) 9
    • Maximum sustained safe load (approx) 300lbs/in2
    • Growth after casting (Up to maximum) (approx) 0.0002” per inch
    • Bending thin walled tubing in copper, brass, mild and stainless steel, aluminium.
    • Bending rolled or extended sections.
    • Press tools small and large.
    • Casting for reproduction of fine detail.
    • Gas-tight seals.
    • Fusible plugs and links.
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