Additional Foundry Products

Using a varying range of techniques and equipment, the Foundry is also able to offer Tin, Bismuth and Zinc in semi manufactured forms.

Tin (Sn 99.9% min)
Available in: Tin Strips – approx 100g each
Tin Bars - 1 kilo each
Tin Anodes - 12”, 18”, 24” & 30” in length

Bismuth (Bi 99.99% min)
Available in: 1 kilo Bars
50g Pellets

Zinc (99.995% min)
Available in: Granules shaped like a random cornflake
1 kilo Bars

We have also cast specific forms in the past when the material has to be in a certain condition. Should a particular need arise we will always investigate how feasible it is and quote accordingly.
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